SFTe-sports lost Dota 2 roster

On the official Vkontakte page of SFTe-Sports organization the information appeared that Iliya«Illidan» Pivtsaev, the captain of Dota 2 roster, decided to leave the esports club and took all teammates with him.

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The representatives of the organization talked to each player about the last results and asked several questions about Iliya«Illidan» Pivtsaev. The captain decided that this testing was caused by the decision of the management to dispel him from the team, and he took a decision to leave the organization on his own.

Iliya«Illidan» Pivtsaev told that the information that SFTe-sports distributes is not true, and he would tell everything just like it happened.

SFTe-sports ex-roster:

Iliya«Illidan» Pivtsaev
Topias «Topson» Taavitsainen
Niclas «Niqua» Westergård
Tommy «ST_ST» Le
Axel «Pablo» Källman