Saksa left MidOrFeed

This was less than a month after Aliwi «w33» Omar created a roster, and the team already has some troubles. The captain left the roster.

Aliwi Omar announced about that on his Twitter account.

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The roster was created on August 30. Saksa, who played with w33 in Planet Odd, joined the team, as well as canceL^^, ex-member of compLexity Gaming, Timado, who played for Infamous, and Khezu from Team Secret.

These five players did not manage to achieve something for the past time, so Saksa decided to take a break and left MidOrFeed.

There is no information about the future of the roster.

The roster of MidOrFeed before Saksa decided to leave a team:

Aliwi «w33» Omar
Martin «Saksa» Sazdov
Mihai «canceL^^» Antonio
Enzo «Timado» Gianoli
Maurice «KheZu» Gutmann