Rumours: EG look for the second roster, SumaiL does not leave the team

Rumours: EG look for the second roster, SumaiL does not leave the team

According to the rumours, Evil Geniuses decided to create a second roster under the guidance of experienced captain Peter "ppd" Dager. SumaiL told that he would not leave the organization.

The rumours about changes in Evil Geniuses team quickly covered the web. The information about Peter "ppd" Dager to head the second roster of Evil Geniuses is still unconfirmed. Moreover, the rumours tell that the second roster will be created of young and unknown players. Winners of the last year The International stimulate these rumours. Clinton "Fear" Loomis wrote in his Twitter that the team is looking for carry players with more than 100 Slark matches in rating matchmaking. It is difficult to tell whether Fear was not joking. Perhaps, he just teases the fans. Clinton is also under the rumours: according to the latest information, he is going to leave a professional player career and become a coach of the team.

This is not everything about the Evil Geniuses team. Apparently, a young Pakistani player Syed Sumail "SumaiL" Hassan will continue to play for the team. Previously, EG invited SumaiL to play for them at the biggest Dota 2 competitions. Syed Sumail "SumaiL" Hassan has answered to the question about the future of the team in the following words: I can also tell that I will stay with EG.

Evil Geniuses took the third place on The International 2016 losing the final lower bracket match against Digital Chaos. At the three latest The International events and two Major-tours, EG took one of the top-3 places. There are no prerequisites for radical changes in the roster, but some players believe that replaces are inevitable.

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We will remind you, that the first stage of transfer period will end on September 4, and after that, the teams will start to complete their rosters.

Evil Geniuses current roster: