Rumors: eLeVeN will leave LGD Gaming

Yesterday, the information appeared that LGD Gaming are planning to make a replacement in their Dota 2 roster.

One of LGD players, Ren «eLeVeN» Yangwei, informed about that.

Ren «eLeVeN» Yangwei will leave the team that took 4th place on The International 2017. A player decided to quit a team, but the reason is unknown. Ren Yangwei also announced that he will continue the career of professional Dota 2 player together with Zhang «LaNm» Zhicheng and Lu «Fenrir» Chao. They played together for EHOME. Currently, Fenrir is playing for Team VG.J, and LaNm has been a coach for Vici Gaming since May till August of the previous year. There is no information who will become 4 and 5 player of eLeVeN’s new team.

There was no official announcement from LGD Gaming about this situation.

Ren Yangwei joined LGD Gaming 5 months ago. Previously, he played for EHOME for 2 years. It should be mentioned, that being a member of EHOME eLeVeN participated in three Major tournaments, and also tool 5-6 place on The International 2016.

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Current roster of LGD Gaming:

Lu «Maybe» Yao
Chen «Victoria» Guanhong
Yao «Yao» Zhengzheng
Ren «eLeVeN» Yangwei
Wang «Ame» Chunyu