Preview of DOTA Summit 7

The format

As in the last few seasons, 8 teams will take part in this tournament. The system of running will be Double Elimination, bo3 and the grand final will be hosted in a bo5 format.

The history of the championship

The 7th season of the so-called «home tournament» will be hosted at the familiar house in the suburb of Los-Angeles. The Summit is always carried out without viewers and this LAN-final will not be an exception. Although this is the premium tournament, but teams don’t always go there for a victory. You can see the history of the previous six The Summit in the table below:

  Summit 1 Summit 2 Summit 3 Summit 4 Summit 5 Summit 6
1st place EG VG Secret EG Wings VP
2nd place Team DK Cloud9 EG VP OG OG
3rd place VG Secret VG VG Liquid EG
4th place NaVi EG LGD OG NaVi Wings
5th-6th place NaVi.US/ Fnatic Not Today/ Team Tinker Cloud9/ IG Liquid/ EHOME DC/ Fnatic Team NP/ DC
7th-8th place     Rave/ Not Today Mineski/ DC FDL/ Ad Finem EHOME/ Faceless


The last chance to receive an invite to The International 7?

If we look at invites of the previous TI, we can notice that Valve rates highly victories at LAN-tournaments ahead of the main Dota 2 tournament of the year. A lot of people say that Evil Geniuses, OG, Virtus.Pro, Team Liquid, NewBee have already deserved their invites to The International 7 and VP will participate in the tournament from this list and they have said in one of their interviews that they will not do their best at The Summit 7. So everyone, except Solo&Co, will struggle tooth and nail because this is the last chance to get an invite to TI7.

Three CIS teams at the tournament

The last time this happened at ESL One Frankfurt 2017, which was hosted one year ago. At that time Natus Vincere lost against OG in the final of the tournament with a score 0:2, Vega Squadron held the 3rd-4th place having lost to NaVi in the semi-final with a score 0:2 and Virtus.Pro lost both its matches in the group and took the last place together with Fnatic at the tournament. We’ll see, what representatives of the CIS Dota have prepared for this time because this is a good chance for NaVi to struggle for a theoretic slot at The International 7.

Will NaVi surprise us from the positive side?

 After failed EPICENTER 2017, where they have got in with a help of the victory in a viewers voting, have played a group stage with a score 0:8 and held the last place together with Clutch Gamers. We’ll see if the team will be able to recover so fast from the tournament in Moscow and to show a more respectable game at The Summit 7.

The first time without the Russian broadcast

Despite the English audience will not care if there is the Russian broadcast from the venue or from the studio in Kiev but the Russian-speaking audience will not appreciate this fact considering that, as we have written above, three teams from the CIS region will participate in the tournament. 

Will BeyondTheSummit come up with something new?

Organizers invent something new at every their tournament, with what will they surprise us this time? Probably, the interview in the pool with Hot_Bid stuck in memory most of all from previous seasons. There is Mafia for 6 persons, Jackbox Party - Dota Edition and Mafia again in the official schedule of this The Summit. Will there be something else, which has not been announced by organizers? This question will be answered at the end of the tournament.