OG won Elimination Mode 3.0

The second season of Elimination Mode 3.0 which has been played in online mode is over. 8 teams from Europe and USA competed for the prize pool of $25,000. OG became the winners of this championship after defeating compLexity Gaming in the final match with 3:1 score.

The particular feature of the championship was a format – all teams were divided into 2 brackets according to the region, and the winners of the regions competed for the main prize of $12,000. Every day, spectator voting determined 30 heroes which could not be used in the competition.

Prize pool distribution:

1 place: OG - $12,000
2 place: compLexity - $8,000
3 place: Team Onyx - $2,500
4 place: The Alliance - $2,500

It should be mentioned that complexity played with stand-in, as CanceL^^ left the team earlier.