Nix left M19

On the official website of M19, the information appeared that Aleksander «Nix» Levin is no longer a member of the esports club. The official reasons for player to leave the team have not been revealed, however, the latest results of the team could satisfy neither a player, nor the organization.

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Serget Bykivskiy, the manager of the roster, comments:

«The playing year is over. We are among the teams who will reshuffle the roster. Today, we part the ways with Aleksander. The organization is grateful for the player’s job and for the time he spent in M19. We wish him luck and success in his further career.»

The official «M19» roster for «Dota 2»:

Gleb «Funn1k» Lipatnikov
Yaroslav «Pikachu» Vasylenko
Nikolai «Muriel» Baikov
Albert «Yume / Aoharide» Garaev