Mineski will take part in PGL Open Bucharest 2017

Mineski became the first team to pass to the LAN final of PGL Open Bucharest 2017, having passed through a qualification in Southeast Asia.

Besides Mineski, seven more teams struggled to come out to the LAN final: Fnatic, Execration, Warriors Gaming.Unity, Clutch Gamers, TnC Pro Team, Signify and Happy Feet.

Mineski held the first place in their group with a score 2-1 at the group stage of the qualifying round and passed to the playoff, where beat WG.Unity with a score 2-0 and Execration with the same result.

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In the LAN-final, Mushi and his team will join two invited teams, Evil Geniuses and LGD Gaming. The rest slots will be taken by teams that will win regional qualifiers. The qualifying rounds will be carried out in Europe, CIS, North America, South America and China.

The roster of Mineski:

Kam «NaNa» Boon Seng
Chai «Mushi» Yee Fung
Daryl Koh «iceiceice» Pei Xiang
Anucha «Jabz» Jirawong
Michael «ninjaboogie» Ross Jr.