Mineski achieved victory at PGL Open Bucharest 2017

The Malaysian team received a reward in the sum of $130,000 and 150 DPC Points.

In the final stage of the tournament, Mineski beat Immortals in the semi-final with a score 2-1 and also defeated LGD Gaming in the final with a score 2-0.

$300,000 and 300 DPC Points, that are required to receive a direct invite to The International 8, have been up for grabs at the tournament.

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The Mineski roster:

Kam «NaNa» Boon Seng
Chai «Mushi» Yee Fung
Daryl «iceiceice» Koh Pei Xiang
Anucha «Jabz» Jirawong
Michael «ninjaboogie» Ross Jr.