Limmp and Chessie will rejoin with compLexity Gaming

On the official website of compLexity Gaming organization, the information appeared that esportsmen and brothers Limmp and Chessie become the part of compLexity Gaming again.

Limmp will take the mid lane, while Chessie will take the position of carry. In this way, the North American organization reached a full roster.

Linus «Limmp» Blomdin and Rasmus «Chessie» Blomdin already have an experience of playing for compLexity Gaming. There were the members for the organization during the first half of 2014/2015 season, and the biggest part of 2015/2016 season. Swedish players helped coL to take 4th place on EPICENTER: Moscow 2016, and 5-6 place on The Shanghai Major 2016. After a poor performance on The International where compLexity Gaming did not manage to get through Wild Card tournament, Rasmus «Chessie» Blomdin decided to take a pause for one year to solve health issues, while Linus «Limmp» Blomdin joined The Alliance.

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Linus Blomdin has been playing for The Alliance during 11 months, but the management decided to disband this Dota 2 roster, and get a new one with Jonathan «Loda» Berg core.

New compLexity Gaming

Rasmus «Chessie» Blomdin
Linus «Limmp» Blomdin
David «Moo» Hull
Kyle «melonzz» Freedman
Zakari «Zfreek» Freedman