LGD Gaming excluded most of the players

The Chinese eSports club LGD Gaming has excluded almost all players from the Dota 2 roster having left only Ren «ELeVeN» Yangwei, who was rented from EHOME for half a year. The information has appeared on the official website for a registration of teams from Valve, which is updated during official transfer windows.

Reasons for such decision are unknown, however, it is not worth to panic beforehand - during the previous transfer window, most of the Chinese eSports clubs excluded their players and returned later. This was done for the prevention of problems with documents and the exclusion of players’ moves to other clubs during valid contracts.

Also, all players have been excluded from the 2nd roster of the organization - LGD.Forever Young and the person, who is close to the club, has said that changes in the roster are unavoidable.

The list of players, which are listed in LGD Gaming:

Ren «ELeVeN» Yangwei