kole left Elements Pro Gaming

Russian esports organization Elements Pro Gaming announced that Konstantin «kole» Jancetovic left Dota 2 roster.

The representative announced this news on their official VKontakte group:

«Today, our midlane planner player Konstantin «kole» Jancetovic leaves our Dota 2 roster. Unfortunately, the team did not manage to reach the synergy with kole. However, we sincerely thank Konstantin for the time he’s spent in Elements Pro Gaming, and wish him professional success.»

The team will play with a stand-in until it finds the fifth player.

Elements Pro Gaming Dota 2 roster:

Gordan «g0g1» Prosic
Damir «Mitch» Škaričić
Nikola «LeBronDota» Popovic
Uroš «Swiftending» Galić