Forward Gaming and paiN Gaming will go to the fifth Major tournament

Forward Gaming performed better than the others in the North American division, completing participating in the group stage by the statistics of 7-0. FWD won over all their opponents which is, by the way, the best result that had happened at the closed qualifiers for the Major tournament.

Young Drug Gaming, Team Xolotl and Black Sheep finished their way in the closed qualifiers while Evil Geniuses, J.Storm, Complexity and beastcoast will fight for defining the second team that will get an invitation to the major.


In South America paiN Gaming showed a great result of six wins and one loss and got placed on the top of the tournament bracket in their division and thanks to that they became the first representatives of South America at the Major tournament.

FreeStyle, Midas Club and SG e-sports took the last positions and left the qualifier. Meanwhile, Gorillaz-Pride, Infamous, EgoBoys and Thunder Predator will keep on fighting at the playoff where the winner will get the second invitation to the Major tournament.