Evil Geniuses invited to EPICENTER: Moscow Season 2

The organizers of the upcoming Dota 2 EPICENTER: Moscow #2 tournament announced the second invited participant to EPICENTER.

The first team to get the direct invite was the European mix, 4 times champion of Valve major tours, OG. Evil Geniuses became the second team to the get invite. In general, 10 teams will participate in the event, and 6 of them will get the direct invites while other teams will be determined during the regional qualifiers in China, SEA, America, Europe, and CIS.

EPICENTER: Moscow Season 2 will start with the group stage where all participants will be seeded into 2 groups. The best players will get into the playoff bracket in the semifinal match. The teams taking 2-3 place also will join the playoff stage though the quarterfinal matches. The participants taking 4-5 place will be disqualified from the tournament. The play-off matches will be played in Single Elimination bracket.

EPICENTER: Moscow #2 will take place on June 4 – 11 in Moscow. The event will be hosted by EPICENTER: Moscow #2 and the prize pool for the event will be $250,000.

Evil Geniuses roster:

Ludwig «zai» Wahlberg
Andreas «Cr1t-» Nielsen
Sumail «Suma1l» Hassan
Saahil «UNiVeRsE» Arora
Artour «Arteezy» Babaev