EPG disbanded Dota 2 roster

The representatives of Elements Pro Gaming announced that they tore the contacts with Dota 2 roster. The reason for such a decision was a bad performance during the open qualifiers to The International 2017 in European division. We should mention that the roster existed for only 3 weeks.

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From the official announcement:

«Season for us is over. Unfortunately, we are failed to qualify, after which it was decided to complete disband team. Thank you to everyone who supported the team in difficult times. We will come back stronger!»

Elements Pro Gaming ex-roster:  

Damir «Mitch» Škaričić
Nikola «LeBronDota» Popovic
Ilya «Illidan» Pivcaev
Roman «rmN-» Paley
Duško «Boranija» Boranijaševic