ELeVeN will play for LGD Gaming

The Chinese organization LGD Gaming recruited Ren «eLeVeN» Yangwei who has been a substitute for 3 months in EHOME organization. ELeVeN did not sign a contract with LGD Gaming, and now is in a rent because he has an active contract with his ex-organization.

Before joining LGD Gaming, Ren «eLeVeN» Yangwei has been playing for Newbee.Boss, but did not achieve some prominent results with this team. On the open qualifiers to The Kiev Major 2017 in Chinese region the roster did not manage to take a slot for the following stage of qualification.

In a new organization, Ren will replace Chen «Xz» Zezhi who now moved to substitutes.

LGD Gaming roster:  

Wang «Ame» Chunyu
Lu «Maybe» Yao
Ren «eLeVeN» Yangwei
Yao «Yao» Zhengzheng
Chen «Victoria» Guanhong