Elements Pro Gaming expelled g0g1

Gordan «g0g1» Proshic left Elements Pro Gaming, the representatives of esports organization informed in the official group in Vkontakte social network.

Elements Pro Gaming decided to part ways with Gordan «g0g1» Proshic because of the disappointing results of the team. On May 31, Uros «Swiftending» Galic and Jure «Pingvincek» Plecej left the team. Now, the roster has only two players Damir «Mitch» Skaricic and Nikola «LeBronDota» Popovic.

Gordan «g0g1» Proshic had been playing for Elements Pro Gaming since August 25, 2016. That day, the main roster was disbanded and a new roster was formed out of Elements One players. For 10 months of existence, the team did not manage to achieve some impressive results.

The organization informed that the new players will be announced soon.

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Elements Pro Gaming roster:

Damir «Mitch» Skaricic
Nikola «LeBronDota» Popovic