EHOME.Keen won TI7 China Open Qualifier #1

The first qualifier in Chinese regional to The International 2017 is over. EHOME.Keen managed to take the first place after defeating DanGo in the final match.

In general, 32 teams participated in this round. Newbee Young, Team MAX, CDEC Avenger, CDEC Begin and others were among these teams.

DanGo and EHOME.Keen managed to pass to the final of qualifying round. It should be mentioned, that DanGo lost the first round, but their opponents decided to give the second chance to the world champions of 2014, xiao8 and his team. Zhang «xiao8» Ning almost used this chance and got to the final match, but did not defeated the last opponent.

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EHOME.Keen joined 8 teams who will participate in qualifiers to The International 2017. On June 25 – 26, the second open tour for the second qualifier in Chinese region to determine the last, 10th participant of the regional qualifier, will take place.

China Closed Qualifier list of participants:

CDEC Gaming
LGD Gaming
LGD.Forever Young
Team VG.J
Vici Gaming
FTD club A
China Open Quals #2