DOTA Summit 7 Review

Seventh season of DOTA Summit season is over. Traditionally, it took place in the guest house of Beyond The Summit in Los Angeles, USA. This time, Virtus.Pro won the event after defeating Team Secret in Grand Final with 3:2 score. In this way, they guaranteed themselves a title of two times champions of the tournaments of this series. Let’s dwell upon the quality of tournament conducting and its results.

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Championship organization:

This kind of event has always been famous due to its atmosphere and the high quality of video content and there were also no problems with the technical aspects. This tournament was not an exception. The organizers pleased us with funny screensavers of the teams, different challenges for players and no delays between the games.

Virtus.Pro Challenge:

CIS-team playing for Virtus.Pro managed to take the second champion title in a row in this series of tournaments. None of the teams managed to do that before. We should mention that Evil Geniuses also have two champion titles, but they won the first and the second season, and the bears have won two events one after another. We also want to pay your attention to Virtus.Pro challenge on this championship. Till the Grand-final, Solo and the company used different heroes on picks, and during the whole tournament they played 81 heroes for 17 maps. They changed this strategy only in the grand final match, when the championship title was on stake.

Can Natus Vincere show themselves on the bright side

The team took 5-6 place in the result of the event, forestalling only Team Empire and VG.J, so we cannot tell that their performance was good. The team beat VG.J, who are currently not in the best condition, and lost matches against Team Secret and Team NP with 2:0 score and left the championship. However, we noticed their progress and little by little they restore their condition. For example, on the previous tournament EPICENTER: Moscow, Natus Vincere won any map. It is hardly believable that the team will start to please us with a good game, but still, Dendi and the company are the second team in the region.

Can the organizers create something new for the event?

It seems that they have an unlimited fantasy and they pleased us with quests. During the breaks, player could participate in tournaments with throwing headsets, and Puppy, naturally, became the winner. Also, the teams participated in Getting Kicked game where they have to kick a player with a ball.


The best player of the tournament:

It’s difficult to define the best player, as Virtus.Pro demonstrated themselves as a single body. It’s obvious, that the best one should be one of the bears, however, we cannot take this responsibility and will leave this choice for you. Just watch the video and pay attention to their teamplay.