Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017 Review

The second season Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017 ended a day ago, and Invictus Gaming became the champions of the event. We are going to give you an overview of the event and its main results.

Quality of the tournaments in Chinese region:

We will not stop talking about the quality of Chinese tournaments. You should definitely remember The Shanghai Major, the tournament with huge delays and problems with broadcasting, and the first Dota 2 Asia Championships season where the players have been waiting for their matches in the corridors, and other failure events.

Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017 definitely differs from other events in the region, and many players and analysts told that DAC was not just as good as The International but even better in some aspects. The organizers have done their best, so the players met no delays, stealing of personal periphery and other moments. Chinese region is also famous for the delays in paying rewards, however, currently this information about DAC tournament is not available.

Importance of the tournament before The Kiev Major 2017:

The main season tournaments for the best teams are always majors, and for professional Dota 2 players the majors are of the top-priority as well. This championship was a preparation for The Kiev Major 2017, as Team Liquid captain, Kuroky has told. However, only Team NP, Team Empire and LGD.FY showed their best on this championship as they did no manage to pass the qualification to major tournament in Kiev. This event was not interesting to most of the teams, as the invitations to The Kiev Major 2017 have already been distributed and they had nothing to fight for.

The results of the championship:

The results of this event should have surprised Dota 2 community, but as we have already told, this tournament affected nothing and most of the teams just tested their strategies. For example, GH and Miracle changed their positions all the time, however, they have never done that before. Invictus Gaming probably the best Chinese team now has won the event. There is nothing unexpected, as many placed this team in one line with Team Liquid and OG as the favorites of the event, so the result was rather predictable.


The organizers of the event prepared two types of entertainment for guests, 1 vs 1 tournament and all-stars match. Both of the events has a huge success and the guests were happy with everything. In the grand final match of 1 vs 1 tournament, Sccc and Paparazi灬 met, and a young player from IG.Vitality won this game and was rewarded with $7,000.

All-stars match was even more interesting than the entire tournament. The spectators loved this match not only because of the rosters of each teams, but also because of the mode. The teams chose heroes for their opponents, so 10 carries met simultaneously on the map, just like in public matches.

The best match of the tournament:

We cannot choose the best match of the tournament as all-stars match was the most interesting one. However, if you want to enjoy a perfect performance on the map from the professionals, we recommend you to watch all three grand final matches:

The best players of the tournament:

I think that the best player of this event is Ye “BoBoka” Zhibiao, Invictus Gaming support. He showed a good game in the group stage, and in the grand final match he demonstrated everything he could do. BoBoka died only 11 times during 3 grand final maps and did 40,000 damage. Take into consideration that Ye “BoBoka” Zhibiao is a support player, and this is a fantastic result for his position.