DeMoN, Raven and eyyou left Fnatic

Fnatic announced DeMoN, Raven and eyyou to leave Dota 2 roster.

The organization decided to gather the team with old main players including Mushi and Ohaiyo. Both of them have been playing for Fnatic since the organization returned to competitive Dota 2 arena in June 2015 signing players from Team Malaysia. Over a year, the team became stronger considering the fact that they started with 13-15 places in TI5, visited three majors and took 4th place in TI6.

After TI6, management decided to update the roster. DJ transferred to Execration, MidOne went to Team Secret, and 343 decided to have a break in Dota professional gaming (since that time, 343 came back to Execration as a substitute). DeMoN, Raven and eyyou who have previously played for  TnC joined the team. They defeated OG in the lower bracket of TI6 and took 7-8 place on the event. This roster was promising although after 4th place on MPGL in September, they results of the team did not improve and Fnatic did not manage to pass to any LAN. They were invited to ESL One Genting, but it is difficult to tell whether they would join the event considering roster updated.

Organization stated:

Unfortunately the DotA 2 squad has struggled to perform in the aftermath of TI6; with such a weighty reshuffle after the Major teething problems were to be expected, but as progress has stuttered it is clear that a new direction is needed.