Cyber Anji officially over

The head of Cyber Anji, Murad Aliyev, announced to the fans of Cyber Anji that a FC is no longer interested in esports division. The official reason was the refusal of FC to invest money into this roster.

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According to Murad, the team did not receive the salary, and manager paid to a player who was in need out of his own pocket. Before the qualifiers to The International 2017, the team could not even get money from the organization for bootcamp and all players have been playing from home.

During the time spent under Cyber Anji managed to become a champion of WellPlay Invitational #8 and take the second place on ProDotA Cup Europe #18, and the rosters has been reshuffled for several times.

Cyber Anji ex-roster:

Evgeniy «Chuvash» Makarov
Maxim «yoky-» Kim
Alexander «NoFear» Churochkin
Yaroslav «Pikachu» Vasilenko
Vadim «Sedoy» Musorin