D2CL Season 3: the position of teams before the start of decisive confrontations

The group stage of D2CL Season 3 is rapidly approaching the end. We have 13 in-game days behind and 3 more ahead.

After 13 days of play, the situation in the group remains tense. If everything is practically clear with the top of the table, then in the middle of the standings things are much more interesting.

V Gaming, who won all 6 matches, giving up only 1 card, hold the leading position. They are followed by Team Empire with 5-2 match statistics, and the 3 leaders of Nemiga Gaming are closed with a 4-3 score.

The fourth place is shared by Spider Pigzs and PuckChamp with 4-4 statistics. B8 Esports unexpectedly took the sixth line, having shown a good game in the last week.

The seventh place is taken by HellRaisers with a score of 3-4, and immediately behind them are Fantastic Five with a score of 3-5. The penultimate line belongs to Team Unique with statistics 3-5, and they close the qwerty group stage table with 1 won map in 5 games.

D2CL Season 3: the position of the teams before the start of the decisive confrontations. Photo 1

The last week of D2CL Season 3 starts today at 11:00 CET. Don't miss the group stage denouement.


The third season of the Dota 2 Champions League started on August 14 and will run until September 12. At the tournament, 10 teams will play for $ 50,000.