Is Spectre getting a new Arcane very soon?

After Dota 2 was updated to version 7.29, players found an additional column with the name Arcana in the Specter character graph in the in-game match table.

Although this position in the table was almost empty, especially attentive users turned their attention to the line of code starting with the words DOTA_Arcana_Spectre.

All these facts led users to one very interesting guess. Valve can launch an event in Dota, along with which a new Arcana for Specter will appear in the game, and a new column will appear in the table that will inform players about the presence of an Arcana for a particular user.

Specter was able to win the vote for the next Arcane in Valve's MOBA game. It was held as part of the Battle Pass 2020, but the game developers did not even notify the players about the approximate release date. Many believed that it would appear in patch 7.29, but this did not happen. Nevertheless, players now have confidence that its development, along with innovations, is in full swing.