Nigma signed iLTW

The club's management was looking for a new player to replace Alivi 'w33' Omar for a short time. ILTW has taken up a mid lane position and will help the Europeans keep their defenses in the mid lane. The announcement of the beginning of such an interesting collaboration took place on the Twitter account of Team Nigma.

On April 6, it became known that w33 made room for a mid-line player and moved to the bench. If he manages to find a new team in which he will continue his esports career, then the club's management will not interfere with the transfer of Alivi Omar. The latter joined the Nigma roster in June 2019, when the team played under the Team Liquid tag. He helped the squad advance to the finals of The International 2019.

As for Igor 'iLTW' Filatov, he played for a long time in various teams as a substitute player. The last teams he played in were OG, and Live to Win.

Updated roster Nigma