The International champion got banned from Dota 2

Champion of the third The International and ex-Alliance player Henrik 'AdmiralDulldog' Anberg received a ban from Valve on his second Dota 2 account. The incident was captured on his personal Twitch broadcast.

The reason for blocking the account, on which the Swede managed to upgrade to the rank of Ancient 1, was as follows: "The account has been disabled forever due to the use of third-party programs, violation of the Steam rules of use, matchmaking abuse or other violations."

At the end of last month, Valve introduced a ban on the use of Smurf accounts. The priority accounts that Dota 2 creators will pay attention to will be new accounts. Later, a line appeared in the game code, which hints at the imminent disabling of matchmaking for those who like to boost accounts.

The International champion got banned in Dota 2. Photo 1