Resolut1on could play with Puppey in Team Secret

In his next broadcast, HellRiasers player Roman 'Resolut1on' Fominok shared that he missed the opportunity to play alongside Clement 'Puppey' Ivanov. The latter invited him to the ranks of Team Secret in 2018, but Roman decided to refuse such an opportunity, which he later regretted.

Roman said the following:

"Let's look at the mistakes of my decisions. 2018, after The International with the J.Storm team, Puppey invites me to play Dota 2. And I refuse this offer. A mistake? Pretty critical, if you ask me. Then, I play team J.Storm with Fear, Moo, MoOz and Nine, and my name is in, who previously won a bunch of majors. But they are called to the third position... A mistake? Well, let's compare: play in the American team or go to In my opinion, the right decision. With we were fine. <...>

Top 2 team by results in the world after Team Secret, which won every[tournament during quarantine]. And we fall apart. To be honest, I don’t understand for what reasons. Apparently, the people in that team were not satisfied with what we had and they wanted even more. Well, the management as well. As a result, we disintegrate, although, in fact, if we stayed, we would still be a good solid roster. "

Resolut1on said that it was many times more difficult to assemble a team in Europe than in the CIS region:

"Well, that was it. I'm leaving and what's next? The teams are all complete. Again there is a decision: to play on the carry or in the offlane? I want to play on the carry, but there are not many offers, because all the rosters already completed. It would be very difficult to assemble our own roster in Europe. There was only KheZu, with whom I could make a roster, also Ace, MiSeRy, these guys. "

At the beginning of this year, Roman Fominok joined HellRaisers, where he took third place in the lower division at DPC 2021 Season 1 CIS. The team did not advance to the top division of the second season, but retained their place in the league. In addition, HR, together with Resolut1on, performed at Snow Sweet Snow # 2 and EPIC League Season 3 Division 1, where they did not achieve much success.