Dota 2 introduces a tutorial mode

Jake 'SirActionSlacks' Kanner, known for his activities in esports, revealed on his Twitter account that he has added a tutorial mode for Dota 2 that he has made to the Steam Workshop. It aims to help every newcomer understand the game and showcase the various mechanics of Valve's MOBA.

This tutorial has been translated into several languages, including Russian. Despite the hard work put into the project, Jake Kanner still doubts the stability of the regime. He decided to set up such a training due to the fact that he doubted Valve's interest to do something like that. The Dota 2 developers added tutorials to the game, but SirActionSlacks decided to take a slightly different approach from Valve.

On March 25, Netflix will perform a Dota 2 anime titled "DOTA: Dragon's Blood". SirActionSlacks believes that it should attract many new users, who, in fact, may need training from Jake Kanner.