Almost Disbanded and Nemiga Gaming advanced to the lower division DPC 2021 Season 2 CIS

The closed qualifier for the second season of DPC 2021 CIS has come to an end. The first two lines of the tournament table are occupied by such teams as Almost Disbanded and Nemiga Gaming. In the upper bracket Almost Disbanded beat Nemiga Gaming 2-1, while Nemiga Gaming moved down to the lower bracket and beat qwerty in the final 2-0.

The teams advanced to the lower division of DPC 2021 Season CIS, where Team Empire and NoTechies, who took the last places in the upper division of the first season of DPC 2021 CIS, will also perform.

DPC 2021 Season 2 CIS Closed Qualifiers took place from March 18 to March 21. The rest of the participants, VP.Prodigy, V-Gaming, WhyTry, TORPEDA, Cascade and qwerty, were left with nothing.