Snow Sweet Snow # 2: ex-NAVI players advanced to the next round of the lower bracket

The first playoff matches of Snow Sweet Snow # 2 have come to an end. Following their results, teams such as Tequila, Recast Gaming, No Bounty Hunter and Brame left the competition. They were unable to defeat Creepwave, Spider Pigzs, Winstrike and B8 Esports respectively.

Results of yesterday's matches

Today's game day will give us four interesting matches, two of which will take place in the lower bracket, and two in the upper one. Such teams as PuckChamp, HellRaisers, and Hellbear Smashers will compete for the right to reach the final of the upper bracket.


Snow Sweet Snow # 2 runs from February 15th to March 11th. The total prize pool of the tournament is $ 50,000. It will be distributed among the four best participants in the event, and the winner will receive $ 25,000.