23savage took 12,000 MMR

Nyengnara '23savage' Tiramakhanon posted on his Twitter account that he was able to get past the 12,000 matchmaking rating point barrier.

Technically, Thunder Predator Leonardo 'Leostyle' Sifuentos was the first esports player to reach the coveted 12,000 MMR mark, but he managed to "succeed" by exploiting a bug that was discovered on the night of February 19-20.

Igor 'iLTW' Filatov on March 2 announced his suggestion regarding 23savage's transition to OG. In his opinion, the team will be able to build their game around Nyengnara Tiramakhanon, who shows great promise. He is called one of the most talented in the Asian division and at the age of 18, 23savage already has experience playing under tags such as Fnatic, Vici Gaming and BOOM Esports.

23savage recently announced that it is considering new career options and is ready to relocate to another part of the world.