The duration of the Dota 2 anime will be 24 episodes

During a live stream on YouTube, Netflix, editor Robert Meyer Barnett revealed that the DOTA: Dragon's Blood anime will include 24 episodes. In addition, we now know that the picture will receive an R rating, as there will be scenes of violence and even sex.

Despite only announcing the first eight episodes, according to Barnett, work is underway on the final episode of DOTA: Dragon's Blood. Due to the fact that Netflix usually splits seasons into the same number of episodes, it can be concluded that the anime about Dragon Knight from Dota 2 will be divided into three seasons.

On February 17, Netflix announced the DOTA: Dragon's Blood anime. Yesterday there was information that the picture will receive a full-fledged Russian-language localization. The anime is set to premiere on March 25th.