NoUndying announced a disband

Representatives of the portal talked to Vladislav 'BLACKARXANGEL' Ivaschenko, one of the ex-players of the NoUndying roster, who spoke about the problems in the roster.

According to Vladislav, the main reasons for the disband were the regular change of players in the roster and the unsatisfactory results shown in the second season of Snow Sweet Snow.

As a reminder, the mix was formed on January 17th from such players as elmo, young G, LastHero-, Velheor and BLACKARXANGEL. Soon after the start of their performances at Snow Sweet Snow # 1, Natus Vincere, who own the rights to use young G for their own purposes, sent Nikita Bochko to HellRaisers. After the end of the championship, LastHero- became part of another mix and began performing in Europe under the tag Recast Gaming, and therefore could not continue to play with his teammates from NoUndying.

In Snow Sweet Snow # 2, NoUndying were defeated in the first three matches due to the fact that they played with two substitutes, with whom they did not have time to prepare. As a result, the team withdrew from the championship and announced a disband.

The NoUndying roster looked like this at the very beginning