Team 0-900 was disqualified from the OGA DPC South America Regional League Lower Division

Sad news comes from the lower division of the DPC League in South America. The 0-900 team was disqualified from the tournament, as one of the players was caught betting.

The decision to disqualify the team was made by the organizers of the regional league in South America OGA Dota PIT. The tournament operator conducted its own investigation and found evidence of the guilt of one of the 0-900 participants.

The team will now receive a 0-2 forfeit in the next two matches. Also, all previous meetings will go to the assets of the opponents 0-900 with a score of 2-0.

Disqualification 0-900 will not in any way affect the continuation of the lower division matches. All subsequent matches will be played according to the schedule.