Valve and Netflix Announce Dota 2 Anime

Quite unexpectedly, Valve decided to give Dota 2 fans a real gift. In collaboration with Netflix, Gabe's company will release an animated series about the Battle of the Ancients universe called "Dragon's Blood".

The main character of the anime will be Davion, aka Dragon Knight. The eight-part series will tell about his adventures and battles with dragons.

For Dragon's Blood, specialists from Studio MIR, the South Korean studio that created The Legend of Korra, are responsible. Ashley Miller, who has worked on Thor and X-Men: First Class, has been appointed writer, showrunner and executive producer.

You can already take a look at a short teaser for the upcoming project. We will find out more information about the upcoming adaptation on February 19.

Valve and Netflix have announced a Dota 2 anime. Photo 1