The Omegalil team was disbanded

After Omegalil finished their performance in the OMEGA League, Sunlight revealed on his Twitter account that the team members decided to end their joint performances and try their luck in the world of esports separately from each other.

Omegalil previously played under the MEMENAME tag, but to participate in the OMEGA League they decided to change their name and became a team of one tournament. The last confrontation for the players was the match against Cyber Legacy in the second round of the lower bracket. There the team was defeated with a score of 0-2 and finished their way to 7-8 positions in the standings. For the work done, the team received a cash reward of $ 2,500.

The composition of OmegaLil looked like this:

Egor 'Ark' Zhabotinsky
Kirill 'Sunlight' Kachinsky
Abdimalik 'Malik' Sailau
Ilya 'Lil' Ilyuk
Sergey 'HappyDyurara' Horonzhiy