Reality Rift Dota 2 roster disbanded

The first major changes in Reality Rift came on August 1, when Drew left the roster and became a free agent. Yesterday it became known that the remaining four players also ceased to function in the club as active e-sportsmen.

Two of them, namely kYxY and NutZ, went on a free voyage, becoming free agents, while AlaCrity and Hustla are still tied to the Reality Rift contract and await when they will be sold.

The last event where Reality Rift played was the OMEGA League Asia Divine Division. The team took part there along with Ahjit from PSG.International, who fought side by side with his teammates as a substitute. The team took 3rd place in Group A, advanced to the playoffs in the lower bracket and lost to Execration with a score of 0-2 in the first match.

The management did not comment on the current situation and the further fate of the remaining members of AlaCrity and Hustla.

The Dota 2 Reality Rift roster looked like this: