Rumor: on September 4, the new PSG.LGD roster will be presented

Reddit resident Comprehensive_Web_35, referring to his personal sources very close to the Chinese club, said that PSG.LGD will soon update their roster.

According to Comprehensive_Web_35, Sccc will join the team, playing under the Team Aster tag. Song Chun will become a free agent on September 1. and will be able to join PSG.LGD. In addition, AhFu and Ame, which gained its popularity just in PSG.LGD, will also become new players of the Chinese club. Chalice and xNova will remain from the old line-up. Somnus 丶 M and fy, in turn, will leave the team and go to 4AM, where Eurus, Yang and Fade from Vici Gaming are rumored to also play. At the moment, nothing is known about the future of ELeVeN.

The new PSG.LGD roster might look like this: