New Pudge skin and The International announced for Dota 2

The new item is named Toy Butcher and is made in the style of a plush toy. The skin includes a new model along with updated voice acting and skill animations. Every Battle Pass 2020 owner who reaches level 255 can get Toy Butcher.

At the moment, a vote is underway for who will become the owner of the next arcana. Following the results of the last round, the following heroes reached the quarterfinals: Faceless Void, Sniper, Witch Doctor, Anti-Mage, Lion, Specter and Invoker.

In addition to the new arcana on Pudge, the developers have added The International announcer to the game. His voice acting was taken up by John Patrick Lowry, whose voice is known to all TI fans. It is under his loud and epic exclamations that the teams take the stage. Users will be able to get the opportunity to experience The International atmosphere by reaching level 75 in the Battle Pass.