OMEGA League: Americas Divine Division: events digest

On the night of August 20, the matches of the third game day ended at OMEGA League: Americas Divine Division. We bring to your attention the results of the past meetings.

Results of the third gaming day of OMEGA League: Americas Divine Division

Traditionally, 2 matches were played. Business associates faced Boonz + Goonz, and Pace played against Quicy Crew.

The first match between ba and B + G was completely dictated by the Fear team. As a result: 2-0 in favor of ba.

The second meeting also ended predictably. Quincy Crew coped with Boonz + Goonz without any problems. The match ended 2-0 in favor of QC.

OMEGA League: Americas Divine Division continues today. Infamous, Omega Gaming, Quincy Crew and 4 Zoomers will hold their meetings. The matches are scheduled to start at 00:00 Moscow time.