RodjER became a FlyToMoon player

A few minutes ago, FlyToMoon announced on social networks that it had found a replacement for Ilya 'ALOHADANCE' Korobkin, who had recently left the team. He was replaced by Vladimir 'RodjER' Nikoghosyan, who is known for his performances under the tag. FlyToMoon clarified that RodjER has become a temporary player and there is no talk of permanent cooperation yet. His debut will take place in the OMEGA League Immortal Division, a $ 500,000 championship.

The tournament starts on August 14, and the first match with FlyToMoon will be on the 20th.

The last club Vladimir Nikoghosyan played for was HellRaisers. He joined the band in March this year and played there for four months.

Updated roster FlyToMoon: