Voodoo League tournament caught in fake matches

The TPB Dota 2 roster announced that it does not take part in the Voodoo League Series tournament, although it is announced in the list of participants and the results of their matches appear on the official website. A little later, Nova and Meta4Pro joined the words of TPB representatives.

Nova's position:

"Due to the recent news related to the Voodoo League tournament, we believe that we should express our position: We have nothing to do with the matches that are currently taking place in the Voodoo League. We have not played any matches in this tournament for the last 3 days. who created our team and put the official nicknames of our players. These players specifically lose matches by earning on bets. "

Meta4Pro Sports Director Igor Zverev:

"In fact, there are a lot of reasons for refusing to participate in this league. There are more than reasons to participate in it. Initially, plus or minus, everyone understood that the situation here was rather strange. There is no website, no VK group, no information about sponsors and partners. of this league, it is not clear where the money is allocated from, what bookmaker's office, or some other sponsor. This gives an understanding that something is wrong. <...> After the news that NOVA played at the same time, two different tournaments, we started to figure it out and realized that a fake NOVA was playing in the Voodoo League, fresh accounts with nicknames were created there.Likewise, TECHNOPARK, Team Solid had the same game, they played some then people instead of them. <...> Yesterday at 17:00 we played the last meeting with TPB, it was they who played it.After everything surfaced, the organizer himself wrote in the League's Discord channel that the league was canceled due to the massive refusal of teams from participation and removed the server on Discord. "