The International 2020 prize pool is over $ 25,000,000

Valve together with users were able to raise more than $ 25,000,000 for The International 2020 prize pool in 38 days. Funds were raised using the Battle Pass 2020. Last year, almost $ 7,000,000 less was collected, namely $ 18,300,000.

The largest increase in the prize pool occurred on June 24 after the release of the promotional kit with the levels of the Battle Pass 2020. Today there was another jump after the release of the next treasury, dedicated to the tenth season of The International. Collector's Cache includes 18 new sets. They were selected by voting held among the owners of Battle Pass 2020.

Valve announced that the Battle Pass 2020 has been extended until September 19th. This act was called apologizing by the developer due to problems with the game coordinator that were not resolved for several days.