The International 2020 Prize Fund Raises Over $ 24,000,000

The contrast between last year’s prize pool and what will happen this year is getting brighter. This time, the Battle Pass, with the help of Dota 2 users, was able to reach the $ 24,000,000 mark for The International 2020. It took 35 days. For the same period last year, Valve raised just $ 17,800,000, which is $ 6,200,000 less.

The biggest jump in prize growth was noticed on June 24 after the release of the promotional kit with levels for Battle Pass 2020. All users were able to purchase two sets for their accounts. The promotion will end on July 2, and therefore, for the couple of remaining days, the amount will most likely move for $ 25,000,000.

Valve previously reported that the validity of the Battle Pass 2020 was extended until September 19, which is two weeks longer than the originally estimated duration.