The review of BEYOND EPIC


B8 Esports have problems

Danil ‘Dendi’ Ishutin’s team is popular due to two factors: first of all, the team is famous directly because of Danil Ishutin and, secondly, due to the everlasting bad streak, which has been following the team since its creation. This tournament, in which B8 Esports had taken part, has not become an exception. It is worth noticing that they were not included on the list of participants initially and their spot had to be taken by Natus Vincere, however, the last ones had to pull out of the tournament because they had not been able to assemble the working roster before the start of the championship. The success of B8 Esports was limited with one victory over Team Unique with a score of 2-0. The team lost all the rest of the matches and placed 9th-10th at the event, having earned $5,000.

NiP can’t find their play

After SoNNeikO with his teammates moved under the wings of this organization, the team started playing worse, which we noticed at BEYOND EPIC. The team managed to defeat Team Empire and but the team did not prevail over Alliance, FlyToMoon, and Team Liquid. These results were not enough to pass the group stage and NiP, just like B8 Esports, held the 9th-10th place in the standings and received $5,000 as a reward. Maybe, the roster will be able to perform better next time, surprise viewers and please their fans but this time, we see just what we see.

FlyToMoon did not fly to the moon

Andrey ‘ALWAYSWANNAFLY’ Bondarenko sometimes showed good results at tournaments and sometimes showed the opposite results. This time, considering the level of the teams, participating in the championship, the team reached pretty high but was not able to jump over Team Secret, Nigma, and Team Liquid. Secret, by the way, has become the team, which brought FlyToMoon’s performance to its end. The team earned the reward of $15,000 for the fourth place in the standings.

Team Liquid, Nigma, and Team Secret — three killers of intrigue

The team, which has entered the top three participants of BEYOND EPIC in the European and CIS region, did not surprise anyone with this performance. Each of the above-mentioned teams was considered to be one of the favorites to prevail. It appeared that all three teams-favorite made it to the top 3 and we are not surprised. Team Secret lost the battle with Liquid in the upper bracket and had to fight their way to the final through the lower bracket and the team has not lost a map since then, having crushed all their opponents. In the final of the lower bracket, Secret decently won a rematch against Liquid with a score of 2-0 and they defeated their principled opponent Nigma in the grand final with a result of 3-0. It is always interesting to follow the match between the former teammates in the face of Puppey and KuroKy but the grand final with their participation is, it can be called so, a holiday for all Dota fans. BEYOND EPIC: EU / CIS is memorable for these things.


The championship was not that predictable as it had been expected to be in the Chinese region. For example, we did not see PSG.LGD, RNG, or Vici Gaming as a winner. Instead of this, the triumphalists are the players from Sparking Arrow Gaming. CDEC Gaming even did not proceed to the playoffs, which was a small surprise for us.

But we were surprised the most by two teams: PSG.LGD and Sparking Arrow Gaming. The first ones were the favorites of the championship to prevail but they lost in the first round of the lower bracket in the match with Sparking Arrow Gaming. The last ones surprised us with the fact that they made it to the grand final through the lower bracket and they defeated Vici Gaming in the final match with a score of 3-0. Very few people had expected such a performance by the Chinese. This victory has become one of the most important in the history of this esports club. The team received a reward of $20,000 for the efforts made. Sparking Arrow Gaming earned a bigger prize only once when they achieved victory at CDA League Season 1.