RAMZES666: Mind Games shouldn't even be in qualifiers

On one of the broadcasts on Twitch, Russian cybersportsman Roman 'RAMZES666' Kushnarev told how he sees the current situation from his side. He spoke about the requirements put forward by the organizers of ESL One Stockholm Major 2022. The latter asked all participants to immediately process visas during the Dota Pro Circuit 2021/2022 Tour 2.

All the teams that played these qualifiers were told in advance to do visas, or you just won't play qualifiers. This is the whole rofl, the whole meme of the situation. Why can't they just plainly check whether they do it or not?

Thus, according to Roman, Mind Games should not have even been admitted to the qualifying round for the Stockholm Major tournament.

Mind Games shouldn't have even been on the qualifier, right? They don't have visas. And all the other teams donated their time - HellRaisers, Puckchamp, us. When qualifications are announced to you in two days, and these two days on CW that you have, that is, you should spend them with maximum benefit.

Kushnarev believes that the disqualification is a well-deserved punishment for the laziness shown by the players:

And it turns out that we, HR and someone else flew to do visas, and these chelas scored}} }} }} .

It is noteworthy that it was the CIS Rejects team, of which RAMZES666 is a member, that was defeated in the decisive match by Mind Games and did not go to ESL One Stockholm Major 2022. Due to visa problems, MG were disqualified from the Stockholm Major championship and received a forfeit defeat in all group stage matches.


ESL One Stockholm Major 2022 started on May 12th and will end on May 22nd. The total prize pool of the Major competition is $500,000 and 3,530 Dota Pro Circuit rating points. The winner will earn the main reward of $200,000 and 680 DPC points. The silver medalist will receive $100,000 + 610 DPC points, and the team that takes 3rd place in the standings will get $75,000 and 530 rating points.