BTS Pro Series Season 11 Americas: standings ahead of the playoffs

While the main teams of competitive dota are preparing for the start of ESL One Stockholm 2022, the American region is in full swing. ESL One Stockholm 2022 is taking place there, where TIR-2 teams take part.

On the night of May 12, the group stage ended there. Now we know the names of 8 teams that will play in the playoffs.

BTS Pro Series Season 11 Americas group stage result

  1. Nouns (5-2-1)
  2. Wildcard Gaming (5-2-1)
  3. Hokori (3-5-0)
  4. Infinity (4-2-2)
  5. Infamous (3-3-2)
  6. Team DogChamp (3-3-2)
  7. Osmium (1-4-3)
  8. The Cut (1-0-7)
  9. The Mystery Machine (0-1-7)

Nouns, Wildcard Gaming, Hokori and Infinity will play in the upper bracket of the playoffs. Losers will start with Infamous, Team DogChamp, Osmium and The Cut.


BTS Pro Series Season 11 Americas starts April 26th. The tournament will last until May 29.