OG will perform at ESL One Stockholm 2022 with replacements

Representatives of the European esports club OG reported that some circumstances have made their own adjustments to the plans of the organization, and therefore the performance of OG at the upcoming Major tournament will take place in a modified roster.

The main reason for these changes is the difficulty with visas for team captain Mikhail 'Misha' Agatov and team coach Evgeny 'chuvash' Makarov.

The position of mentor for the duration of ESL One Stockholm 2022 will be filled by Johan 'n0tail' Sundstein. Instead of Mikhail, Sebastian 'Ceb' Debsom will fight in the Dota 2 roster.

We previously covered rumors that warned of this possible turn of events. The rumors turned out to be true.

OG wrote the following in an official statement:

A strange day for the history of OG Dota. In today’s current climate veterans and newer faces alike will need to join forces to keep the #DreamOG alive.

Unfortunately, captain Misha and coach Chuvash’s visas have both been denied. The will therefore not take part in the Stockholm Major.

But the OG family is never far away. For the first time ever, the fathers of our colors will come carrying the banner themselves alongside our young prodigies.

OG roster at ESL One Stockholm Major 2022