DPC 2021/2022 Tour II Eastern Europe: BetBoom Team on the verge of qualifying to ESL Stockholm Major 2022

Yesterday in Eastern Europe ended the second day of the mini-tournament for the teams of the top division. After two games, we have a rather interesting situation.

The game day was opened by PuckChamp and MindGames. Despite the nominal advantage, PuckChamp lost and went to the lower bracket, where today they will play in the match for life against CIS Rejects.

In the second round of the upper bracket the winning procession was continued by BetBoom Team. The SoNNeikO team outplayed NaVi and now they are separated from the major by one bo3 series.

DPC 2021/2022 Tour II: Eastern Europe matches continue in a few hours. Today, two teams will leave the tournament, which will later play in the second division.


DPC 2021/2022 Tour II: Eastern Europe started on April 27th and will end on May 2nd. At the tournament, 8 teams will play for $102,000 and 3 tickets to the ESL Stockholm Major.