PuckChamp coach Chikiryau spoke about how the team lives now

How does the team live in Serbia, what are the plans for the near future and who will replace the departed young g.

PuckChamp coach Chikiryau gave a public interview for the first time since the start of the war in Ukraine. Stanislav told how the team lives now, and we tried to highlight the main points from the video in this material.

The main points from the message of the PuckChamp coach Chikiryau

PuckChamp is in full force in Serbia. At the time of the start of the war on February 24, Chikiryau was in his hometown, while Astral and team manager Zhanna were in Kyiv.

Moving to Serbia is an initiative of Zhanna and Astrala. PuckChamp are in the country for the third week

The team is training and waiting for the start of the second round of the DPC in Eastern Europe. There is no certainty that the games will resume.

The mid player of young g really left the PuckChamp roster. The player and the club parted by mutual agreement, and the main reason for leaving was the personal reasons of young g.

The club has already found a replacement for the departed player and now the new mid player is undergoing a test period. The announcement will take place soon.

Recall that PuckChamp last season DPC 2021/2022 qualified for the Major from Eastern Europe from the second place, after which the main tournament of the year was canceled. At the regional finals of the first season, the team took 4th place.